Located in Penticton, British Columbia

Welcome to Alcast Foundry Ltd.

At Alcast Foundry we believe in getting involved with our customers by developing a working knowledge of their parts and their application. This enables us to not only produce a quality casting, but also to make recommendations regarding material and design.

We have based our success as a caster of aluminum, brass, bronze and zinc alloy parts on quick response time, high quality, and competitive pricing.

We take great pride on our short response time required to get from pattern design and prototype to uniform usable production parts. We believe that in order to produce a casting properly, a working knowledge of the part and its function is essential. This enables us to not only produce quality parts, but also to make recommendations regarding design, alloys, materials, and applications.

Aluminum and zinc castings are produced by green sand, and permanent mold processes.

Our team will work hard to produce the castings you need, when you need them. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and all your company's casting needs.

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Our Process
Learn more about how we can produce your castings by green sand, no-bake or permanent mould processes.

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Casting Draft Requirements
When it comes to draft angle, more is better. Alcast Foundry requires at least 3 to 5 degrees of draft for most patterns.

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See what our customers have to say about us and how we have helped them take their part from a drawing on paper to a uniform usable production part.

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